Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance

Professional Liability (E&O) Insurance for Chemical Engineers

Professional Liability Insurance is also referred to as Errors & Omissions (E&O) Insurance. This type of coverage will cover claims related to your professional services that may be due to inaccurate advice, analysis, or reports.


Available Policy Limits: 

Minimum Premiums start at:




Subject to underwriter review

Claims Amount:

$250,000 per claim

$250,000 annual aggregate

$500,000 per claim

$500,000 annual aggregate

$1,000,000 per claim

$1,000,000 annual aggregate


$1,000,000 per claim

$2,000,000 annual aggregate



  *Higher limits can be offered (up to a total of $5M) via excess liability. Subject to underwriter review and an additional premium.



  • $5,000 per claim, with multiple deductible options available


Policy Type: 

  • Claims Made


Policy Coverage: 

  • Professional Liability (E&O)

  • Coverage for Contingent Bodily Injury and Property damages resulting from your professional services


Other Policy Benefits:

  • Mold buy-back option
  • Asbestos buy-back option
  • Option to Add Computer Network Security and Privacy Liability ($250,000 Sub-limit)
  • Intellectual Property/Patent Infringement Coverage ($50,000 Sub-limit)
  • Policy limits up to $5,000,000 (additional excess limits available)
  • Legal Hotline 
  • Pre-Claim Preventive Legal Consultations  
  • Consultant Contract Legal Review  
  • Broad definition of professional services including the ability to expand the definition per your specific services that are offered
  • Worldwide Coverage (subject to policy terms and conditions, except Russia & China) - as long as the suit is brought in the United States 


Risk Management Services (New)

Legal Hotline: Call  312-431-3497 or email

Pre-claim Preventive Legal Consultation (Karbal & Cohen Law Firm)

Consultant Contract Legal Review


Part-time Coverage Options Available

If you provide independent consulting services on a part-time basis, you may qualify for the part-time coverage option. Minimum premium starts at $350 (annual) for individuals grossing $35,000 or less.

Policy Limit:        $100,000 Limit

Deductible:         $2,500 per claim

*Please note, reference made to any premiums above do not include policy fee or state tax.


We also offer Alternative Payment and Financing Options!

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About the Insurance Carrier, Lloyd's of London

Lloyd’s of London has a history dating back more than 300 years, and has grown to be the world’s leader for specialty insurance. They are rated “A” (Strong) by Standard & Poor's and rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Rating.




This is only a partial, general description of the policy benefits and does not constitute a contract. Policy coverage and benefits are subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions contained in the policy. The policy will govern if any conflict exists between these highlights and the policy. For complete provisions and exclusions, please refer to the policy itself.